Breeze by Ashley Hampton Cover Reveal

Author of the southern rock lyrics series

Cover Reveal for Breeze by Ashley Hampton

Book: Breeze
Series: Southern Rock Lyrics Series #1
Author: Ashley Hampton
Genre: Romance
Release Date: October 2015 – exact date coming soon!


Dr. Hannah Walker is starting her first year as a Visiting Professor at Thurston University. A graduate of Thurston, she’s familiar with the town, has friends, and is waiting on her perfect job to open at Wilmington College. She’s run from every serious relationship she’s had in pursuit of her career goals.

Igor Finley recently moved back to his hometown after his last military deployment and discharge because of his PTSD. He’s returning to Thurston University for his degree, so he can provide for his two young children.

There were fireworks when the two met, but will they be able to keep them out of the classroom? Will Hannah stay in Thurston once she realizes her feelings, or will she be carried away like a Breeze towards her career goals?

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Cover Reveal

Cover Design by Amy Donnelly of Alchemy & Words
Cover Picture by James Price of AEP Book Covers

Author Bio

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Ashley Hampton works as a Licensed Psychologist in private practice during the day. When she leaves work, she puts on her writer and photographer hats and enjoys living in the worlds created in her mind. She lives near her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama with her cat, Gemma. Ashley wanted to find a creative way to meld her love for music and psychology with writing, and the Southern Rock Lyrics series was born.  With other series planned, Ashley wants to write in the romance, erotica, and psychological thriller genres.

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RUMER Cover Reveal

RUMER Cover Reveal for A.L. Wood


Polluted with fears of her past Rumer wasn’t ready for a relationship, certainly not with Bain.
Bain didn’t want one either, only one night stands.
One night.
A scratch to an itch was all it was supposed to be, except for now Bain can’t get Rumer out of his head.
Rumer doesn’t want more than that one night, or so she tells herself.
Can two people with heavy pasts create a future?
Can Rumer convince Bain to take a chance on her?

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This Christmas

Chartreuse purchase link:

This Christmas purchase link:


up to the best-selling novel CHARTREUSE, T.E. Ridener is releasing a new story

entitled This Christmas: A Chartreuse story.



NOTE: This story accompanies the novel Chartreuse which

is available now. For a better understanding, entertainment, enjoyment, and the

sake of not spoiling the ending of the novel, please be sure to read Chartreuse

first. This is a M/M romance for those who are curious. If you don’t mind the

spoilers and you’re just looking for a quick, enjoyable read, please


For Kasen Reed and Rowan Kelly the road to true love has never been easy. Six

years after finding each other, things seem to finally be falling in to place.

Their love for each other has done nothing but grow. But true love has its


Demanding jobs, new business ventures, and general day to day activities have

put a distance between the two lovers. Both are at a loss on how to fix it.

With the holidays right around the corner and a want to expand their family,

our favorite couple must find a way to get back to the harmony they once


After fighting for their love in almost impossible conditions will everyday

life be their downfall? Christmas is a time of peace and love. Can Kasen and

Rowan turn their chaotic life around in time to enjoy the holiday and have

everything they ever dreamed of?


50% of sales for Chartreuse

& This Christmas are being donated to the Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter in

Ridener’s hometown of Corbin, KY.  The shelter suffered a fire in November

2013 which destroyed their home and claimed the lives of several cats and dogs,

including their beloved mascot, Sassy.  They are seeking to get kennels

for the new shelter.  One of the main characters in Chartreuse, Rowan

Kelly, is a vet, and Ridener feels there isn’t a more perfect cause for the

sales to be donated towards.  In April, she donated $300 to The Trevor

Project and The Ronald McDonald House through the success of her first M/M

romance novel.  She’d like to thank you in advance for your support.



T.E. Ridener entered the world in the magnificent year of 1985. She’s an avid reader, crazy writer, and photoshop addict. She started writing stories at a young age, and will probably do so until she takes her last breath. Forever the daydreamer, not a day passes in which Miss Ridener isn’t working on something book related. Her books may be a work of fiction, but there is a lot of truth in each one.

Creating relatable characters and believable storylines mixed in with make-believe is what she is best known for. She always includes a strong female lead, a compassionate male, and tons of every day events that readers will be able to connect with. Miss Ridener is a lover of music, movies, TV shows, and her family.

During the months of November and December, she participates in the charity she helped create called Random Acts of Christmas, an online program geared towards making Christmas happen for families in need. In 2013, they gave over $69,000 in gifts to kids who otherwise would not have had presents to open on Christmas morning. Coming from a childhood of poverty, T.E. understands that life isn’t always easy and she has experienced living from paycheck to paycheck. This has fueled her drive to always lend a helping hand in every form possible. She is very active in the group “Books for Troops”, a program designed to send ebooks and paperbacks to soldiers currently serving overseas.

T.E. Ridener is the youngest of 3 children, a surviving twin, and an extremely proud aunt. She claims to be married to her books and the characters she creates are her kids. Thus far, she has produced three ongoing series entitled Blood Betrayal (vampires), The Kadenburg Shifters Series (bear-shifters), and The Descendants (elementals). There are loads more and new ones popping up each day. She LOVES her fans and readers, and not a single one of them appear as a number to her. She knows that without them, she wouldn’t be where she is today. Every day is a new possibility, a new adventure, and a new dream. Life doesn’t get any better than that.

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