Breeze by Ashley Hampton Cover Reveal

Author of the southern rock lyrics series

Cover Reveal for Breeze by Ashley Hampton

Book: Breeze
Series: Southern Rock Lyrics Series #1
Author: Ashley Hampton
Genre: Romance
Release Date: October 2015 – exact date coming soon!


Dr. Hannah Walker is starting her first year as a Visiting Professor at Thurston University. A graduate of Thurston, she’s familiar with the town, has friends, and is waiting on her perfect job to open at Wilmington College. She’s run from every serious relationship she’s had in pursuit of her career goals.

Igor Finley recently moved back to his hometown after his last military deployment and discharge because of his PTSD. He’s returning to Thurston University for his degree, so he can provide for his two young children.

There were fireworks when the two met, but will they be able to keep them out of the classroom? Will Hannah stay in Thurston once she realizes her feelings, or will she be carried away like a Breeze towards her career goals?

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Cover Reveal

Cover Design by Amy Donnelly of Alchemy & Words
Cover Picture by James Price of AEP Book Covers

Author Bio

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Ashley Hampton works as a Licensed Psychologist in private practice during the day. When she leaves work, she puts on her writer and photographer hats and enjoys living in the worlds created in her mind. She lives near her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama with her cat, Gemma. Ashley wanted to find a creative way to meld her love for music and psychology with writing, and the Southern Rock Lyrics series was born.  With other series planned, Ashley wants to write in the romance, erotica, and psychological thriller genres.

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RUMER Cover Reveal

RUMER Cover Reveal for A.L. Wood


Polluted with fears of her past Rumer wasn’t ready for a relationship, certainly not with Bain.
Bain didn’t want one either, only one night stands.
One night.
A scratch to an itch was all it was supposed to be, except for now Bain can’t get Rumer out of his head.
Rumer doesn’t want more than that one night, or so she tells herself.
Can two people with heavy pasts create a future?
Can Rumer convince Bain to take a chance on her?

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BAIN Cover Reveal



Raised in an environment that exuded love, Bain couldn’t understand why he felt so empty inside.

He had it all- a financially stable, successful career and the overwhelming support of his loved ones.

Rumer wasn’t in need of saving. She didn’t need his help.

She had gotten this far on her own…why accept a strangers obvious charity?

Bain wasn’t trying to save her, nor was he donating his time freely.

Has Bain finally found his match in the ring of life?

Can Rumer crush his undefeated streak?

Sneak Peek of BAIN


An inkling, that’s how it always starts. Something that can’t be seen, only felt, hardens into knots in your gut. Catching you off guard, unaware as to why you feel that way. You start questioning everything around you and wondering what’s going to go off like a bomb, because this feeling always comes back to something bad. I couldn’t have predicted that the something bad was going to be horrific, no one could have known.

Yes, the possibilities were endless as to what could have caused the feeling of my stomach sinking, the nausea threatening to exhale what I ate earlier for lunch. I didn’t expect a phone call as I stood in line at airport security, to change my life forever. To cause irreversible damage.

“Lawson, what’s up?”

“You need to meet me at your place, immediately.” I hear Lawson say over the line in a haunting tone.

“You know I can’t, I’m headed to Vegas. Remember, the meeting you sat up?”

“Bain that can wait, this cant. Please, I can’t explain over the phone.”

Something about Lawson’s tone told me I shouldn’t argue, that he needed me to just shut my mouth and do as he asked. He wouldn’t have called me without reason.

Even while running out of the airport and hailing a cab, my baggage in hand, did I not recognize the sickening twist of my stomach to be a sign of what was about to come.

Tossing money to the cab driver I haul ass into Sara’s and my apartment. The door opens as I approach it, Lawson’s face greeting me. His eyes drawn down, looking away from me.

It’s bad.

I know it is.

“Tell me.”

His eyes meet mine, and he breaks. Fucking folds right in half, his weight too much to hold up underneath the stress of whatever it is he has to tell me.

My gut. The feeling.

This is why. This moment right here, it’s going to define my life.

“There’s been an accident…We need to get to hospital. I’m driving us.”



My world. My life. The reason I’m doing what I do with such devotion.

“What?” I pause, my thoughts leaving me. I stumble back, falling on my ass. On my front porch. I just…this can’t be real.

This isn’t real.

It’s just a horrible nightmare that I’m bound to wake up from at any minute.


“Bain, get in my truck. Now.” Lawson says with renewed strength.

I stare at him, one million questions on the tip of my tongue.


Author Bio

I reside in Glens Falls, NY with my daughter and husband. I am blessed to have an extremely supportive family and an amazing outpouring of support from readers and fellow Authors alike. This path that I am on of a career has surprised me in many ways, I can only hope to further the road.

The Rock Romance Series is just the beginning on my long and adventurous journey, I dare you to join in on the ride.

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Cover Model Travis Gruber

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Rachel Olsen of No Sweat Graphics

Forever, Hold On Blitz!




Jason, fun and easy-going has lived a normal life.Raven, full of anger and resentment is stuck living in the past.

Can Jason’s aggressiveness override Ravens hardened exterior?

Will Raven realize that she deserves more than what she’s
allowing herself?

Find out when you join Steele’s Army on vacation.

Forever, Hold On is the fifth installment in the Rock Romance Series.


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