Find Me: Rock Romance #3

Hello loves <3,
Find Me will be sent to the editor May 15th. I am beyond excited to share Liam's story with you. This journey of writing the Rock Romance series has taken me on an adventure that I never knew existed. Yes, I made these characters in my head. But as I named them and assigned attributes they became their own. Their voices were their own and they still are. Everyday when I sit before my computer, pull up my iTunes playlist and double click on a song their story comes out. Things that I wasn't aware of until that moment. Parts of these people- Ryan, Natalie, Layla, Liam, Gage, Zepp, and Jason. Their pasts, or who would even be their love interest. By the end of 2014, every one of them will have had their story. A story that I will not want to shut the door on, a story that will stay with me forever even when I move on to others. First Chance was me at my most vulnerable. Pouring every single ounce of my soul out into a page, making sentences with my own greif and not it wasn't on purpose. It's only when I went back to edits that I realized how much of myself I was truly showing.

With Last Chance I was a bit more guarded and I've learned – I think my amazing readers appreciate it when I'm vulnerable. So back on the road to learning, Find Me is you seeing that vulnerable state once again. Maybe not as heavy but it's very there.

I love hearing everyone's feedback- it's a valuable learning tool and I appreciate all of you sharing.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that but of news and as always you can find me any day or time on my Facebook page.
Lots of love.
Hope to see you at my release event.



2 thoughts on “Find Me: Rock Romance #3

  1. I picked up First Chance off of the amazon free reads list. I was immediatley swept away by the story and the characters! I read it straight thru and downloaded Last Chance as soon as I finished. I found myself weeping with Natalie, frustrated along with Ryan and wanting to embrace Liam and chase away his demons. I am eagarly awaiting Liam’s story.
    Thank you for sharing these characters!


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