Last Chance: Rock Romance #2 is LIVE!!

Hello Loves ❤
I hit Publish a couple of days early, so if you would like. You can One-Click Last Chancer here:
Also, First Chance will be FREE for TWO days!!!!
I have been getting some amazing Feedback from Last Chance. There isn't a gigantic Cliff at the end where you feel that if the wind blows you might just fall into the never ending abyss of water, drowning. I promise you. It has a Happily Ever After.
My goal is to receive 25 reviews by Tuesday on LC. I am 15 away from that goal. So, my fingers are crossed.
Send me some feedback, what are your favorite types of books?
What was your favorite quote in FC? LC?
Who would you choose as your Book BF?
Is there something you wished I would have added into Ran & Natalie's story?
Although, Liam will have a story out in July. I promise you, more information will be revealed.

My Release Party is tomorrow at 7 on Facebook, if you want to join. I leave Tuesday to take a mini vacation with the family for a few days. I will be checking in, just not as often.
Hope you enjoy LC.



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