Steele’s Army

My first item of Swag!!! I made t-shirts the only catch is that I have to have 100 orders before they will print. So if your interested I’m getting an Official Steele’s Army shirt order here. I put up a few options such as a V-neck, a hoodie. And the cheapest at $16.50 is a regular shirt. With shipping the total is around 19$. The reasoning behind the number 100 is that it makes the shirt cheaper for you. If I has chosen 25 the shirt plus shipping would have been at least 25$. So if you want the first piece of Steele’s Army then snatch it up , these exact shirts will only be offered this one time. ❀


7 thoughts on “Steele’s Army

  1. How cool is that?! Love the shirts!! How’s part 2 coming along? I cannot wait:) Do you ‘do’ ARC’ s? If you do, I will gladly volunteer to be a reader! Thanks!


  2. I am feeling really stupid right now…I can’t find the page you mentioned. It’s there anyway you could please send me a link? Thanks so much!! Now I will leave you alone πŸ˜‰


  3. I have just finished reading First Chance…. Ohhhh, it was brilliant!!! I didn’t know I was going to like it this much and although I haven’t had a chance to get to Last Chance… I will soon!!! I’m hoping the story continues.


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