This is truly how I feel. I am amazed every day by the feedback I have received. I am amazed every day by how many people show interested in reading my story. And, then ask for more. I wish I could thank
Each and everyone of you whom has One-Clicked my book. Who has reviewed my book on either Amazon or GoodReads. But then I wouldn’t be able to finish book two. So I say it to you now from the depths of my soul. Thank You.

PS Ranked 1290!!! ❤


4 thoughts on “Humbled.

  1. I love the first book am sitting on the edge of my seat for the 2nd. I’m in the Albany area too was great to hear about near by places. Keep up the good work I’ll be waiting to buy your next book.


    1. You are !!!! I live near Lake George 🙂 that is awesome- that someone besides my family and friends who lives near have read it. Woot!! I am working on book two and my release is aimed for the first week of March 🙂


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