First Chance on sale 99 Pennies!!!

I published First Chance on amazon 🙂 only 99 pennies !!! I am so excited to share my story with all of you. If your interested the buy link is here


5 thoughts on “First Chance on sale 99 Pennies!!!

  1. LOVED First Chance!!! What a wonderful debut novel with an unexpected, exciting, draw dropping cliffhanger! Please tell me the second book will be available VERY soon!! Tomorrow would be good;) Thanks for sharing your talent with us! PS who is the guy on the cover? – Rae


    1. I’m so happy you loved FC:) I am aiming for an early March ( if possible earlier) release for Last Chance. I’m unsure of the cover models name – it was predesigned by Madalene Martin – she is wonderful. I searched through hundreds of stock photos and covers none hit me the way that one did. It just felt right. You flatter me 🙂 thank you so much for reading :).


    1. Right now I’m writing book two to FC and I decided after that I will do a Rock Romance#3 – title still undecided. It’s going to be Liams book. 🙂 I felt he deserved one and I cannot get him out of my head.


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