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99 Pennies!!! Click here to One-Click. March of Dimes is a fantastic charity that I have more than once donated to and raised money for. This donation will be in memoriam of a lost loved one of mine.




Just an update. I sent my edited book to a fabulous friend and author. I’m expecting her edits later today. Depending on how long my changes take , things are looking good. Above is a screenshot of First Chance : Rock Romance chapter 1. :).
I am so nervous to release my baby into the world. Yet at the same time I am excited. Excited to hear feedback , excited to hear how people connect with Natalie or Ryan. How many someone has felt similar feelings and can relate.
I don’t think I have been more happy career wise in my entire life than I am right now. I feel accomplished and proud of what I have created.
Anyways , I just wanted to give you all an update. Also a reminder. On Saturday 1/25 8 pm to 10 PM I am
Hosting an event. The link to my author page is here. Join me in celebrating. I have a Grand Prize Giveaway contest going on right now. And on Saturday I will be having a main event.



So tonight I sent out over 15 ARC copies to blogs & winners of my raffle copter. To say that I am nervous is an extreme understatement. I believe I am about to bite my nails raw. I’m excited that people are reading something that I created :), this story that truly means so much to me. Anxious to hear feedback , if any readers really connected to what my characters felt throughout. I’m also second guessing myself – if I am feeling this nervous tonight. Imagine the jitters I’m going to have Saturday night !! I hope you will all join me, celebrating this chapter in my life. It will be a night I will not soon forget. See you there 🙂

I wanted to thank the amazing blogs that have offered to review my story and all of the booksluts that have been pimping. It hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Butterflies, Books & Dreams I ❤ You!

Cover Reveal

I did it ! I finally achieved my dream and wrote a book! Honestly I couldn’t be more excited and nervous at the same time. On January 18th I will release my debut novel First Chance : Rock Romance #1 with the world. My story follows a college student Natalie Wright. She hasn’t had it easy for years , emotionally. Her one safe haven is music. Soul breaking , body quaking, lyrics sung in such a voice the emotions are conveyed onto you. Enter Ryan “Steele” Hurst , a chart topping lead singer in the rock band “Steele’s Army”. The bands songs are about cheapening the meaning of love and sex. They project the bad boy sec symbol image.
Can these two polar opposites coincide with each other on a summer tour making it out unscathed ?

Find out January 18th.