New Release Honestly Unfaithful #2 by A.L. Wood & DA Byrd!


tblurbbHonestly Unfaithful #2 is the continuation of Honestly Unfaithful #1 and must be read in order.
What would you do if the love and trust you had was broken?
Would you fight for love or would you succumb to temptation?
Maggie has begun a secret affair with her professor.
Marshall is an unhappily married college professor whose now separated from his wife.
Denise, Marshalls wife wants to try again.
Maggie doesn’t want to say goodbye to Marshall.
He’s addicted.
She can’t leave.
Will Marshall leave Maggie to repair his relationship?
Will Maggie finally let him go?


 A.L. Wood

A.L. Wood resides in Queensbury, NY with her supportive husband and daughter. Reading and writing has been an interest for as long as she can remember.

DA Byrd

DA Byrd resides in Kansas City, MO. He is a cover model and now author, creating his own destiny.

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Honestly Unfaithful #1

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I’m not sure that I’ve read anything more true than the quote above.

I was twenty-one when my daughter was born. I knew that I loved her, so much, long before I met her.

Nothing could have prepared me for the blow of emotions you feel all at once when you meet your child for the first time.

I was happy.

I was worried.

I was scared.

I was thankful.

I was everything that I’ve never been in that moment.

She brought everything good in me.

What everyone fails to tell you though is that because you love them so much, it means that your heart breaks over nothing.

All the time.

This morning I woke up at 7, a time that’s fairly normal for me to be awake. Payton doesn’t have to be awake until 7:30 so I decided to feed the kitten. She’s awake and meowing at my feet.

When I enter the kitchen I can see that my daughter, Payton is reclined in the love seat and she doesn’t look well. Her hair lays all around her in snarls, her face in blanched, and she’s huddled into herself.

I knew she didn’t feel well but I didn’t want to wake her to ask, in case she hadn’t slept that much. I shut the light off, covered her up, made sure she didn’t have a fever and walked back into my bedroom when I hear her call out, “Mommy, I don’t feel so well. My ribs hurt from getting sick.”

I hate that she’s in pain.

I really hate that she’s sick. She’s still little and understands that we all get sick sometimes, but seeing her have to be sick hurts me.

“One of my friends said that eating snow will make you sick,” She says.

“Did you eat snow?” I ask, knowing that she wouldn’t be reacting like this from eating a snowflake that fell from the sky.

“I did, only a little though. Not that much. That’s why I’m sick.”

She thinks that she feels this way because she ate snow. I hug her.

I explain that no, that’s not why she’s ill, I hold her, and she misses her school bus.

I kept her home today. We’re binge watching television and huddled under blankets.

I’m her mom, I will comfort and console her. I will protect her and teach her.

She is my heart walking around in this great big world.

She is my vulnerability.






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Grief is my Story

I wrote this in October of this year. I was emotional and feeling lost. Writing is my therapy, I wrote this for no one but myself.

But today I’ve decided to share it.

To share my story, with hopes that maybe it could help someone else.


Grief is my story.

Several years ago my husband I were trying to conceive. Without fail every month the end result would be a negative pregnancy test. Our hopes were shattered month after month. Everyone around us had no issues getting pregnant, including my sister.

I’ll be honest, even though I didn’t want to feel resentment, I did. It was hard not to. It took me a while to come to terms with it, because why weren’t we pregnant yet? We had a home and full-time jobs, my sister was just graduating high school with the option of attending college.

She had this wonderful opportunity ahead of her, and with a blink of an eye it was gone. I accepted that. My devastated heart embraced her pregnancy. Eight months flew by, she was having a boy, he was healthy growing inside her womb.

Hayden Michael.

It fit him. He was born February 12th 2009 as I held my sisters hand throughout her eighteen hour labor, he was four weeks premature but okay and that’s all that mattered.

He was healthy.

He was adorable.

Only a couple weeks prior my husband and I discovered we were expecting, we were ready for this. Two babies would join our family in 2009.

Only one would stay.

My nephew was at my house often as my sister worked, he was almost eight months old. In the stages of holding on to furniture and walking around as much as he could. He would blab the same few words that he knew repeatedly, he was completely and utterly happy all of the time.

My sister, Amber and I had their lives mapped out.

They’d grow up together, Hayden being only a few months older than Payton, they’d have the same friends and be in the same grade throughout school. They would graduate together.

We made those plans for our children, but it not to be.

On the morning of October 11th 2009 my sister woke to my nephew not breathing. Paramedics were called, he was rushed to the E.R.

They couldn’t revive him, all emergency saving procedures were done.

His life was not to be.

He was one day shy of eight months old, my daughter just six weeks.

I had never felt such devastating pain in my entire twenty-one years of life. The loss of him completely gutted me, it gutted our entire family. We mourned together, we mourned separately and for two long and arduous weeks we awaited autopsy results.

When the report came in we felt relief knowing that we couldn’t have done anything differently, SIDS claims any child usually under the age of twelve months that it wants to. But that didn’t relieve the anger, the heartbreak, the sorrow of not having him around.

Of him not having a life.

He was robbed of his first steps.

His first sentence was stolen.

His first day in school was taken.

His first crush, his first day of high school, his graduation, his chance at love, his possibility of having his own family was all taken in a single blow.

In one second of time.

In one breath.

He will never have that back, we will never get those moments and for that we mourned.

For that we still mourn.

In the deep dark shadows of his death, light did arrive.

It took a long while.


And when it did I realized my purpose.

You see, his death taught me that life was a very short one. That life was never promised and to cherish every day you receive.

To cherish everyone you have around you, to love hard and remind those people of that.

To laugh so often that you stomach hurts and your ribs ache.

Give so much that people drown in your kindness because you will never know what that one person is facing today or will face tomorrow.

Just live.

My purpose is to write.

I abuse every emotion I have inside of me with words, I take them to paper and use them over and over again.

I pour my heart out on every page that I write and if maybe one person can find some positive in whatever they are facing, if one person can relate to the pain or joy that I write within my words- then my work is done. Then I have accomplished my goal.

My purpose is to be kind.

My purpose is to be thoughtful.

My purpose is to love and grief is my story.


New Release ~*~*~ Honestly Unfaithful ~*~*~


Honestly Unfaithful


A.L. Wood


DA Byrd



What would you do if the love and trust you had was broken?
Would you fight for love or would you succumb to temptation?

Maggie is running away from an overly possessive and abusive ex-boyfriend.
Marshall is an unhappily married college professor whose marriage is broken.

When Maggie discovers she might not graduate on time, she has to find an internship that will accept her, and quickly.
Broken and desperate, Maggie has no choice. Marshall’s internship is all that stands between her goals of graduating. He’s patient, kind. Everything she has craved. Everything she thinks she needs. Love.
Will Marshall succumb to her temptation?

Or will he hold onto his family and fight for love?


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The Coop Clothing


A.L. Wood

A.L. Wood resides in Queensbury, NY with her supportive husband and daughter. Reading and writing has been an interest for as long as she can remember.

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DA Byrd

DA Byrd resides in Kansas City, MO. He is a cover model and now author, creating his own destiny.

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Cover Reveal for Lawson by A.L. Wood

Cover reveal for Lawson by A.L. Wood

Cover Model: Devin Byrd

Photography by Furious Fotog

Graphic Design by No Sweat Graphics by Rachel Olson

Editing by Wendi Lynn of Ready, Set, Edit



Jade has been in love with Lawson for as long as she can remember, always too afraid to confess her true feelings.

Lawson has been blinded to Jade’s feelings and protects her as an older brother would.

Jade decides to give up her goal of winning Lawson’s affections when he goes on his first date.

Lawson doesn’t like that Jade has moved on.

Can Jade find love with someone else?

Will Lawson let her?


Female Boxer
Lawson eBook Cover
Female Boxer
Lawson Paperback Cover



A.L. Wood’s Amazon Page

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Breeze by Ashley Hampton Cover Reveal

Author of the southern rock lyrics series

Cover Reveal for Breeze by Ashley Hampton

Book: Breeze
Series: Southern Rock Lyrics Series #1
Author: Ashley Hampton
Genre: Romance
Release Date: October 2015 – exact date coming soon!


Dr. Hannah Walker is starting her first year as a Visiting Professor at Thurston University. A graduate of Thurston, she’s familiar with the town, has friends, and is waiting on her perfect job to open at Wilmington College. She’s run from every serious relationship she’s had in pursuit of her career goals.

Igor Finley recently moved back to his hometown after his last military deployment and discharge because of his PTSD. He’s returning to Thurston University for his degree, so he can provide for his two young children.

There were fireworks when the two met, but will they be able to keep them out of the classroom? Will Hannah stay in Thurston once she realizes her feelings, or will she be carried away like a Breeze towards her career goals?

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Cover Reveal

Cover Design by Amy Donnelly of Alchemy & Words
Cover Picture by James Price of AEP Book Covers

Author Bio

author bio pic

Ashley Hampton works as a Licensed Psychologist in private practice during the day. When she leaves work, she puts on her writer and photographer hats and enjoys living in the worlds created in her mind. She lives near her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama with her cat, Gemma. Ashley wanted to find a creative way to meld her love for music and psychology with writing, and the Southern Rock Lyrics series was born.  With other series planned, Ashley wants to write in the romance, erotica, and psychological thriller genres.

Connect with Ashley in the following ways:

RUMER Cover Reveal

RUMER Cover Reveal for A.L. Wood


Polluted with fears of her past Rumer wasn’t ready for a relationship, certainly not with Bain.
Bain didn’t want one either, only one night stands.
One night.
A scratch to an itch was all it was supposed to be, except for now Bain can’t get Rumer out of his head.
Rumer doesn’t want more than that one night, or so she tells herself.
Can two people with heavy pasts create a future?
Can Rumer convince Bain to take a chance on her?

Author’s Facebook.

Author Website.

Author on Twitter.

New Release! Just Try by Lisa S. Robinson

By: Lisa S. Robinson

Hosted by: Hooks
& Books


can one day turn out to be the best
of your life, but also the worst?

can answer this question, she is a
woman because of it.

takes one day to change your whole
your world, your meaning.


five years she’s been existing for
person, and that person isn’t

one day, someone enters her life.
changes everything that Maci
she wanted, deserved and

made her want to enjoy life.

story is about the deepest of love,
ugliest of pain and the courage to
you have to – Just Try.

romance for readers over
age of 18.

teaser 1

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teaser 7

My phone rings, startling me. When I look at the screen and see
Calvin’s name, I find myself letting out a little girlie squeal.

“Hello, you,” I say, snuggling into my seat.

“So, I wake up from an amazing sleep, look out of my window, and guess what?”
he asks in a croaky voice, which sounds like he has, indeed, just woken up.


“I see this beautiful girl sitting in a chair in her garden, sipping on what I
assume is coffee, and I feel the need to say morning to her.”

“Is that right?” I smile.


A noise coming from the bottom of my garden startles me. When I see Calvin jump
my back fence using one arm, still holding his phone in the other, I can’t
believe my eyes. He smiles and briskly walks over to me. I’m stunned, the damn
phone still attached to my ear. As soon as he reaches me, he bends down and
plants a small kiss on my mouth. He then smiles and says, “Morning”, before
turning and walking back to the fence to jump it again. I’m totally dumbstruck.
Who does that? Calvin, that’s who. I laugh and shake my head, ending the call
when I hear his chuckle.

 teaser 2
teaser 3
Author Bio:
Lisa S
Robinson is a contemporary romance author, who has been writing her first book
and is almost ready for its release. Lisa lives in Cheshire, UK with her
partner of thirteen years Charlie, their four year old daughter and their dog,
She spends
her time in between looking after her daughter and working part time. She tends
to write in the evenings when her daughter is tucked up in bed.
Lisa being
the total bookworm that she is, thinks of her kindle as one of her most prized
possessions, and has a major one-click addiction.
favourite genres are contemporary and paranormal romance, some of her
favourite authors are Dannika Dark, Jodi Ellen Malpas, Katy Evans, Jamie
McGuire, Mia Sheridan, Tina Folsom, Christina Lauren, Joanne Wylde and way too
many more to mention. 

teaser 4


Author Links:

Or follow her on Twitter @lisasrob 
Feel free to contact her she would love to hear from you

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